Why Allah Doesn’t Answer Your Dua

Ibrahim ibn Adham was once asked “Why is it that when we make dua, we aren’t answered, while Allah says ‘Ask me and I will answer you!’ (Quran 40:60)?” He replied “It’s because your hearts are dead.” When they asked about what killed their hearts, he mentioned eight attributes:

1. You know the rights of Allah but you don’t give them to Him.

2. You read the Qur’an but you don’t apply its limits.

3. You love the Prophet (saws) but have left his sunnah.

4. You fear death but don’t prepare for it.

5. Allah has warned you that the devil is your enemy : ‘Verily the shaytan is an enemy to you so take him as an enemy.’ Yet you join him in disobedience to Allah.

6. You fear Hell but you destroy your bodies in it.

7. You love paradise yet you work not for it.

8. When you rise from your beds you throw your bad qualities behind your back and spread the bad qualities of others in front of your eyes and get busy with them.  So you arouse Allah’s anger and then wonder why your prayers aren’t answered.


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