Who’s Islam is Correct?

An American man became Muslim and met another man in a certain Muslim city in a certain Muslim country. That man told him: “You know, brother, this religion is good advice and I have to tell you all the Muslims are going to Hell except the ones from my country.”

And then he said “Even in my country, all the Westerners are going to Hell, only the Easterners are going to Heaven.”

He added, “Even in the Eastern province, they’re all going to Hell too except my city.”

“Even in my city, we have all these people that came from other countries and ruined peoples’ understanding, they’re all going to Hell too. It’s just my mosque, it’s called Masjid Sabr, they’re the only ones going to Heaven.”

“And even in that mosque, unfortunately, it’s just me and Imam. And I have to warn you, I’m worried about the Imam.”

(Narrated by Hamza Yusuf in the Dawah CD Set)

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