A Beautiful Family

Once the Prophet ﷺ was in the house of Aisha with her, and Abu Bakr came by. He heard Aisha’s voice raising up over the Prophet’s ﷺ, because they were having a domestic dispute like any other couple. When he hears this he becomes very angry. He asks permission to come in and he rebukes his daughter, saying “How dare you raise your voice against the Prophet ﷺ? ” And his temper begins to raise until Aisha becomes scared, and the Prophet ﷺ has to come between them and calm Abu Bakr down.

A few days later, Abu Bakr comes to visit them again and he hears laughter and joking, which shows they were now reconciled. (This is of the blessings of Allah that we see the Prophet ﷺ had a normal marital life with his spouses, without getting into details, but we know just enough to make us feel comfortable for being human with each other.) He hears them laughing and joking, so he knocks on the door again and says, “O Messenger of Allah, allow me to visit while you’re in peace as you allowed me to visit you while you were at war!”

Source: Sunan Abu Dawud, narrated by Yasir Qadhi, Lives of Sahaba, Abu Bakr, Part 3

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