The Story of the Camel

Jubayr (may Allah be pleased with him), a companion of the Messenger of Allah (saws), explains this most beautiful story about himself. He says:

“One day, I was on the outskirts of Medina enjoying the company of women. I was just sitting there, chit-chatting with them, and I had no real business to be there but I loved their company. When the Prophet (saws) passed by, he asked me ‘What are you doing with those women?’ I was so embarrassed I had to make up a lie. I told him ‘Oh Messenger of Allah, these women are making a rope for me for a camel that just keeps running away from me.’ I knew I was lying and the Prophet knew I was lying, and it was a pathetic lie. But the Prophet (saws) said nothing. He smiled and kept walking by.

“The next day I was in Medina and I heard the Prophet (saws) behind me. I started walking quickly as I wanted to avoid him. The Prophet (saws) walked really fast and he caught up with me. He came next to me and he said ‘How is your camel doing?’ I was too embarrassed and I looked down.

“The next day the Prophet (saws) was ahead of me. I started walking really slow to avoid him. The Prophet stopped and looked back and he waited for me. As soon as I came to him, he said to me ‘How is your camel doing?’ I was too embarrassed.

“The third day I was praying inside the masjid. And I heard the Prophet (saws) walk in. I decided to make it the longest prayer ever, because I didn’t want to face him. He came and sat down next to me. He said ‘Don’t make it too long, I am waiting for you.’ I was finally done with the prayer, and the Prophet (saws) looked at me and smiled, and he said ‘How is your camel doing?’ I said ‘Oh Prophet of Allah, I have such a good grip on it now, that it’s not running away any more.'”

(Narrated by Imam Muslim)

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